How to Safeguard Your Yahoo Account | Safety Tips and Tricks

Safety and security is the prime concern when it comes about using internet service because with one wrong click or wrong login with a wrong device can cost you a lot. Hackers or any person can grab all your vital information in a minute if they found your login details. So you are required to strengthen your account settings. If you are a yahoo and the gmail inloggen user then the following mention suggestions will help you in this way.

5 simple yet effective suggestions are:

1. Always prefer using strong & unique password :

A Security suggestion list is incomplete without this measure. This is a very common suggestion but yet the powerful one. Keep your password so unique so that none can break it by using your basic information.

The best ways to create a unique and strong Password are:

  • Use combinations of characters and numbers.
  • Use upper case and lower case characters.
  • Avoid using your or any of your close persons’ details like DOB, school/university names, mobile numbers, etc.

If you know how to change your password then change it now. And in case you don’t. No worry we are providing you the steps below :

  • Open > Your Yahoo Mail
  • Now, click on > profile picture
  • Next step choose > Account Info
  • Now, go to Account Security
  • Here, type your current password
  • And select Change password.
  • Create a new password.
  • Click > continue > to save changes.

2. Two-Factor Authentication:

In addition to creating a unique password, activating a two-step verification feature is also very useful in safeguarding your account. This feature will make you enter an OTP in addition to your password. This OTP is generally delivered on your mobile number Or sometimes on your other email account.

If you want to enable this feature :

Just do this-

  • Go to > Account Security tab
  • Open > Two-step verification option.
  • Swipe the switch > to on(Present next Phone ). Now verify your contact number.
  • Select either a text message or voice call for your code.
  • After receiving a code, fill it in the box and click > Verify.
  • If you are unable to activate this feature you can use the OTP login instead.

3. Make regular changes in your Recovery Information:

Regular updates in your recovery option is also an effective way to protect your account.
This feature will protect your account in case any person tries to log in to your account by using the forget password method. This method helps you in login by using another account address or contact number.

To enable this feature-

  • Open > Account security
  • Click > Phone numbers / Email addresses.
  • Here, Add email or mobile number.
  • Click on > Enter
  • And you’ll get a verification code either by text or a voice call or email.

(Note: If you were using any old email or a contact number that no longer in use or is used by any other person then, without a second thought remove that details from your account.)
And if you think that security questions standard is not high and that can easily be cracked by any person. Then, you can skip this suggestion.

4. Keep visiting your activity log:

An account activity log is the greatest tool by which a user can track his account details. And protect the account from being attacked by hackers or strangers. To check your account history :

  • Go to the Recent Activity option.
  • Here, a list of active sessions will appear before you.
  • Click on anyone to see a list of login details.

Next to this, you can check other apps connected with your yahoo account. Carefully go through the list and remove it by clicking on a thing that is not required by you anymore. The activity log also tells you the details of your recent changes in respect of your accounts like changes in settings or passwords. If you find any activities suspicious here. Then, make respective changes without any second thought.

5) Never click on suspicious emails:

Email phishing always remains in top use in stealing the users’ information. So, to keep your account protected, hence, you should not click on any email without checking its authenticity. These mails are always composed in a way that makes you click them as soon as you see them in your mailbox.

  • Below mention points will help you in dealing with these kinds of mail:
  • Always check the email address.
  • Visit the official website of respective emails instead of going through links.
  • Never click or fill any of your details.

Some additional tips:

Although the above-mentioned suggestions are more than enough. Yet we have added some other suggestions as well. I hope, you will find them beneficial too. Always click on sign out after accessing your account. Make a habit of erasing browser details after using it. Switch to Incognito mode while accessing your account at a public place ( office, cyber cafes, or on other’s devices).

  • Always use up to date browser.
  • Install authentic security and anti-virus software.
  • If possible use PIN, security questions, or face/fingerprint lock to protect your device from being used by any person.
  • Keep your eyes on suspicious activity in your mailbox.
  • Change your passwords at regular intervals.
  • Never use more one password for more than one account.
  • Keep checking forwarding settings as well before Forwarding mails.

These simple steps will help you in securing your  account. But if you still feel unsafe with Yahoo’s security then it’s not a bad idea to switch to a more secured service provider.

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